Quick Chicken Tray Bake

Runing out of time to stand by the cooker and cook for hours? Well happens to me often. I decided today to do a quick version of my chicken tray bake using some useful tricks.

You need obviously chicken thighs- I prefer these thank breasts. 

Schwarz Italian tray bake and some pesto.

Veggies of your choice 

I used pepper, potatoes, courgette, peas, green beans and some olives.

Don’t use too much of oil as the chicken thighs have a lot of fat.

Preheat the oven to 220°C. Put the veggie on the bottom of the tray (lined with kitchen foil) so they can nicely soaked up all the yummy juices from chicken.

Put the pesto and half of the Schwarz spices and mix with veggies.

Put the chicken on top spray with oil and sprinkle the remaining spices over the chicken.

Put in the oven for 30 minutes remove and turn the thighs. Put back in the oven for further 20 minutes and  turn them back to brown the skin for another 30 minutes.

I know I said quick but chicken need the time to bake. 

But it takes zero effort to prepare and you have all this time for yourself. You just need to turn the chicken from time to time until cooked. 

The effect is amazing.

Enjoy your tray bake with some wine. Or water if you happens to go to work later like me. 




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